Wall and roof sheeting

Olde Hensken B.V. specialises in the supply and assembly of wall and roof sheeting. Contrary to many other suppliers, we use high-quality sheets with a thickness of 0.7 mm. This ensures that the sheeting on your roof will last a long time.

You can choose from a wide offer of sheeting, such as trapezoidal sheeting and sandwich panels. And since we are in close contact with the manufacturer, we can take care of both the supply and assembly within approximately two weeks.

We also offer a wide range of coating options. You can select, among others:

  • Agricoat = 25 mµ: for ceilings, roofs, and façades in the agriculture sector. 10-year warranty
  • Terracoat = 27 mµ: 10-year warranty Available in all standard RAL colours.
  • Diamondcoat = 50 mµ: 30-year warranty Available in all standard RAL colours.
  • Aquacoat = 150 mµ: for ceilings, roofs, and façades, mostly in humid environments. 10-year warranty
  • Colorcoat HPS Ultra = 200 mµ: 40-year warranty

All coatings are for roof and façades.
All wall and roof panels are available in multiple profiles.